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November 19 Historian Clayborne Carson Recognized For His Scholarship and Promotion of Gandhian Values
  March 30 MLK: Remembering a Champion for Human Rights


February 28 Clayborne Carson Defends Human Rights During BYU Forum
  January 12 Stanford Celebrates a Life and Legacy of Inspiration


January 14

Stanford Celebrates a Life and Legacy of Inspiration

  January 14 Stanford's Martin Luther King, Jr. Institute Helps Preserve Leader's Legacy


November 10

Oakland: Martin Luther King speaker series


  October 9 Stanford historian featured in new Black Panther documentary
  March 13 Stanford’s Clayborne Carson in Selma on the 50th anniversary of ‘Bloody Sunday’

January 27 

'Martin Luther King in Palestine:' Film chronicles unique journey of peace to Middle East hotspot


June 19 Oakland: Leaders mark 1964 passage of Civil Rights Act 
  April 30

US Christians Work with Palestinians on Martin Luther King Play

  January 10  Stanford scholar: Global struggle continues for social justice, human rights 
  January 1

Clayborne Carson: King's Chronicler


August 28

A movement without beginning or end - a conversation with King scholar Clayborne Carson

  August 23 Stanford's King Institute commemorates 50th anniversary of March of Washington 
  August 21

Stanford professor Clayborne Carson reflects on March on Washington

  January 17

Stanford historian and Martin Luther King Jr. scholar Clayborne Carson offers a personal perspective on King's legacy


February 15  Clayborne Carson: King was a prophet for all of humanity
2011 March 15 Stanford historian's play about Martin Luther King to be performed in East Jerusalem and the West Bank 
  January 18  Carson: King's Mission Transcended Civil Rights Struggle
2010 July 14 King Institute hosts conference on global peace, justice and sustainability 
  June 4 Speaking at Stanford, Tibetan and Uyghur leaders decry Chinese domination 
  January 13 Stanford scholar: What Martin Luther King, Jr. would think of U.S. today 
2009 May 20 His work at our fingertips 
  May 13 Database detailing thousands of Martin Luther King Jr. documents goes online 
  January 16 Stanford's Carson says that Obama, like MLK, understands history 
2008 January 16 Documentary screening honors MLK
2007 September 10 Clay Carson on the Chinese production of Passages of Martin Luther King
  June 23 Martin Luther King's Story Plays on Beijing Stage 
  January 19 Editors discuss King's sermons 
  January 17 Dream team 
  January 15

Writings show King as liberal Christian, rejecting literalism

  January 10 New volume of MLK Jr. papers reveal his early concerns about social justice 
2006 January 18  King Institute ceremony kicks off campus events honoring Martin Luther King Jr. 
  January 17 King Celebrated
  January 10 King Institute inauguration, anti-apartheid symposium to honor MLK legacy 
2005 November 9 Dalai Lama brings message of nonviolence on campus visit 
  January 12 Latest MLK volume unveiled
2004 May 10 Ronnie Lott donates $1 million for MLK research institute 
  January 19  Clayborne Carson: NPR 
2003 September 10 Carson reflects on King's legacy 
2001 January 17 Lessons in liberation 
2000 October 19 Carson designs King memorial
  October 18 King's nonviolence philosophy allows peaceful overthrows to endure, Carson says 
  September 20 Carson collaborates on winning design of national memorial to Martin Luther King 
  May 9 Volume of King papers published 
1998 December 2 Carson releases King autobiography 
  October 28 Carson's next volume of MLK work
1997 January 10 Carson to compile MLK autobiography
1996 October 30 Carson disputes Prop. 209 commercial
  March 7 In a coup, Stanford lands Panther papers  
1994 January 14 Every day is MLK Day for King Papers editor Carson
1993 April 8 MLK the MAN 
1992 February 7 Papers Project releases a product
1990 November 12 Papers Project staff finds King plagiarized others' ideas
  January 12 Documenting a dream
1989 January 20 Preserving King's synthesis of words and actions 
1986 January 21 King Project Preserves Civil Rights Legacy 
1985 May 20 Carson to edit King papers