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The Gandhi-King Global Initiative (GKGI)

Confirmed Speakers

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Dalila Adofo, Community Organizer & Bayview Hunters Point Community Air Monitoring Project Coordinator

Mubarak Awad, Founder, Nonviolence International

Mandar Apte, Executive Director, Cities4Peace, International Association for Human Values (IAHV)

Parwana Ayub, The Greenlining Institute

Zainab Ayoade Balogun, Stanford University 

Bunny BhoolaDirector African Link, South Africa

Katina Bishop, Metta Center for Nonviolence

Angela Brown, Project & Design Manager,UNO Goldstein Center for Human Rights

Venkatesham Burra, Principal Secretary (Tourism) Government of Telangana State, India

Ken Butigan, Senior Lecturer in the Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies Program at DePaul University

Joni Carley, Advisor and Senior Fellow at Nonviolence International New York

Anthony Chavez, The Education Trust - West

Juanita Chavez, Dolores Huerta Foundation

Philip ClothierBarrett Value Centre

Kimberlyn David, Metta Center for Nonviolence

Daryn DodsonManaging Director, Illumen Capital

Diana Essex-Lettieri, Vice President and COO, Asylum Access: Making Human Rights a Reality for Refugees in Africa, Asia, and Latin America

Florence Lyons Albany State University

Ela Gandhi, Founder, Gandhi Development Trust

Pradeep Gandhi, Former Member of Parliament, India

Rajmohan Gandhi, Research Professor, Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

David Gengen, Chairperson, Pietermaritzburg Gandhi Memorial Committee, South Africa

Prasad Gollanapalli, Coordinator, Gandhi King Conference, GKGI

Jonathan Granoff, Senior Advisor and Representative to the UN

Jonathan Greenberg, Senior Associate Director and Scholar in Residence, The Institute for Nonviolence and Social Justice, University of San Francisco

Jack Herrera, Independent Journalist, Pacific Standard Magazine, USA Today, The Nation

Linda HessDepartment of Religious Studies, Stanford University

Michael Honey, Fred and Dorothy Haley Professor of Humanities, University of Washington Tacoma 

Veena Howard, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Coordinator of Peace and Conflict Studies, California State University at Fresno

Peggy Jones, Associate Professor, UNO Goldstein Center for Human Rights

Kranthi Jonnalagadda, Trustee, Gandhi King Foundation, India

Sudarshan Kapoor, Professor Emeritus California State University, Fresno

Nia KimbroAlbany State University

Martin Luther King III

Mary Elizabeth King, Director, James Lawson Institute

David Kirshbaum, Director, Nonviolence International, New York

Aishwary Kumar, Visiting Professor of Political Theory and Intellectual History, Department of History of Consciousness, University of California, Santa Cruz

Manjula Kumar, President and Executive Director, Global Performing Arts

James Lawson

Shelly Jyoti, Visual Artist, Fashion Designer, Poet

Johnny J. Mack, Founding President of Communities without Boundaries International

Gauri Mahulikar, Dean & Officiating Vice Chancellor, Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth University

Buddha Prasad Mandali, Former Minister and Deputy Speaker, Government of Andhra Pradesh State, India

Kristin MartinAlbany State University

Amisha Mehta, Director, Group Trident & Special Project Director, Eternal Gandhi initiative

Jisha Menon, Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies at Stanford University

Michael Nagler, Founder/President, Metta Center for Nonviolence

Adam Nolan, Film maker

Kamala Parel, Professor of History, Mount Royal University, Canada

Krystal Pickett, Albany State University

Raghavendra Prasad, Chair, Gandhi King Conference, GKGI

Sister Helen Prejean, Ministry Against the Death Penalty          

Margaret M. Russell, Associate Professor of Law, Santa Clara University School of Law

Tenzin Seldon, CEO, Kinstep

Sonal Nina SudraProducer/Co-Director

Kamala Parel-NuttallProducer/Co-Director

Sarada Purna Susarla Sonty, Founder, Executive Director SAPNA - Sri Annamacharya Project NA 

Sriram Sonty, The Gandhi 150 Commemorative Stamp Initiative

Vivek Swaroop, Gandhi Square Florida

Nandini Tandon, Co-Founder & CEO, Tenacity Global Group Inc.

Priya TandonFounder & Chair, IndUS Setu Global Foundation

Kamal TaoriRetired Secretary, Government of India

Floyd Thompkins, Director, Center for Innovation in Ministry

Jayaprakash Valluru, Chairman, Central Labour Welfare Board, Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India

Padmavathi Vempati, Incharge - Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust, Hyderabad

Stephen Zunes, Professor of Politics and International Studies, University of San Francisco

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