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Alberta Williams King to Charles E. Batten

King, Alberta W.
May 10, 1951
Atlanta, Ga.
Martin Luther King, Jr. - Education
Martin Luther King, Jr. - Family


In response to this letter, Batten wrote the article “Son of Noted Atlanta Family Wins High Graduation Honors,” which appeared in the Atlanta Daily World, 20 May 1951.

Dean Charles E. Batten
Crozer Theological Seminary
Chester, Pennsylvania

My Dear Mr. Batten,

I am writing to ask a favor of you, something I forgot to mention ere I left there Tuesday.

I would like to send an account of Martin Luther’s graduation to our paper here, mentioning the honor and awards here received. Realizing that you can do a much better job of this than I (having all facts at hand) I am asking if you will word such article for {me} and send at your earliest convenience. Your cons kindness in this matter will be highly appreciated.

M. L. wishes me to say to you that his address for the summer will be, 193 Boulevard N.E. and to have any mail he might receive, forwarded here. He also wishes you to send him Jessie Brown’s address.

Thanking you in advance, I am,

Yours truly,
[signed] (Mrs) M. L. King


CRO, NRCR, Crozer Theological Seminary Records, Colgate-Rochester Divinity School, Rochester, N.Y.