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To Annemarie Schader

King, Martin Luther, Jr. (Montgomery Improvement Association)
June 20, 1956
Montgomery Bus Boycott


In a 13 June letter to King, Schader decried the lack of concern about the Montgomery boycott among her acquaintances: “They don’t feel, how very much more horrible and difficult your situation is, and that there is nothing worse in the whole world but what white people did to you. For me the distance of some thousand kilometres is no excuse—somehow we are all guilty. ”Enclosing a $500 donation, Schader wrote: “It is nothing but money; yet it is important for me that you get back from white people what you had to pay to white people.”

Mrs. Annemarie Schader
Parkring 37
Zurich 2

Dear Mrs. Schader:

Words can never adequately express our appreciation to you for the personal donation of five hundred dollars ($500.00). This is one of the highest personal contributions we have received, and I assure you that it will go a long, long way in helping us in our struggle. It is even more significant because it comes from a person of another country. This reaffirms my conviction in the fact that all humanity is involved in a single process, and that whatever affects one nation directly affects every nation indirectly.

We feel that in our struggle here in Montgomery we have cosmic companionship because of this abiding religous faith we have been able to stand through turbulent periods of our history. We know that although we stand now in the midst of the midnight of injustice we are only a few steps from the daybreak of freedom and equality.

Again, let me express my appreciation to you. You will remain in our thoughts so long as the cords of memory shall lengthen.

Cordially yours,
M. L. King, Jr.,

enc. Receipt #4095
(Dictated by Rev. King but signed in his absence.)


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