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To Charles E. Batten

King, Martin Luther, Jr.
July 29, 1952
Atlanta, Ga.
Martin Luther King, Jr. - Education


Through a cooperative relationship with Boston University, King took two philosophy courses at Harvard University during the 1952–1953 school year. In his reply to King’s request for a Crozer transcript, Batten wrote, “On your way north, why don’t you stop here for a chat so that we can hear about what you are doing. Your friends here at school join me in all good wishes.”1

Dean Charles E. Batten,
Crozer Theological Seminary
Chester, Pa.

Dear Dean Batten:

I would like to have a transcript of my academic work at Crozer, sent to Harvard University, as soon as possible. It should be addressed to the Dean of Special Students, 11 Weld Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge 38, Mass. If there is any charge for this, please forward the bill to me.

I would appreciate it very much if you would notify the office that my Boston University address has been changed to 397 Massachusetts Ave.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Sincerely yours
[signed] M. L. King Jr.
Martin L. King, Jr.


1. Charles E. Batten to King, 31 July 1952, CRO-NRCR.


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