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To Charles S. Johnson

King, Martin Luther, Jr. (Dexter Avenue Baptist Church)
October 11, 1956
Montgomery, Ala.
Martin Luther King, Jr. - Political and Social Views


King praises Johnson's article, "A Southern Negro’s View of the South,” which appeared in the New York Times Magazine on 23 September. In the article Johnson asserted that most southern African Americans sought "full American citizenship” and believed that the region would experience “very little change except that brought about by a strong and higher authority." He also criticized the "provincial and isolationist” economy of the South and its failure to accept federal court decrees regarding integration. Accompanying the article was a photograph of King's March trial in Montgomery.

Dr. Charles S. Johnson, President
Fisk University
Nashville, Tenn.

Dear Dr. Johnson: This is just a note to say that I have just read your article which recently appeared in the New York Times. It is the best statement that I have read in this whole area. You evince a profound grasp of the whole subject. I am sure that the more this article is read it will bring about a greater understanding of the Negro’s point of view as he struggles for first class citizenship. You combine in this article the fact finding mind of the social scientist with the moral insights of a religious prophet.

Sincerely yours,
M. L. King, Jr.,



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