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From George D. Kelsey

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Author: Kelsey, George D.?

Date: February 28, 1956?

Genre: Letter

Topic: Montgomery Bus Boycott


Kelsey, professor of religion at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey, had taught King at Morehouse College in an undergraduate course on the Bible, focusing on the ethical teachings of Jesus. King replied on 8 March.1

Dr. M. L. King
Dexter Avenue Baptist Church
Montgomery, Alabama.

Dear M. L.,

Congratulations on the great leadership which you are providing our deprived people in Montgomery

You are taking your stand and conducting activities in the finest Mosaic and prophetic tradition. You are quite correct when you say the struggle in Montgomery is for justice, humanity decency, and democracy.

Many of us are proud of the high plane on which you are waging the fight, and are deeply moved by the effectiveness with which you keep love as the regulating ideal in a situation which calls for resistance as the chief instrument.

I have always been proud of you as one of my students and as a friend. You surely can imagine my present feelings.

Please find enclosed a small check to assist in the car pool.

Our prayers are continuously with you.

1. See pp. 164-165 in this volume.

Source: GDKP-INP, George D. Kelsey Papers, In Private Hands.

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