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From George W. Davis

Davis, George W. (Washington) (Crozer Theological Seminary)
October 17, 1958
Martin Luther King, Jr. - Threats/attacks against


Davis, who taught King at Crozer, wishes him a quick recovery. King replied on 8 November.1

Dear Martin:—

You have been much in the thoughts and prayers of the Davises these latter days, but only yesterday did I find your temporary address in Brooklyn. Hence the tardiness of this note, despite the fact that we have frequently turned toward you in the spirit. Our concern for you has been deep and we rejoice now in the news of your steady recovery.

You will be interested to know how greatly both Paul and John admire you, both for yourself and the work you are doing.2 They have much to learn from you and will probably need some of your wisdom as both are idealists resolved to walk the way to a better, saner, and safer world. Both are registered with the draft as C.Os. of their own decision. I think they are each committed persons as are you.

Mrs. [Mildred] Davis and I did want you to know that our moral and spiritual support stands back of you. Do get well soon. Drop in and see us any time.

As ever,
[signed] George W. Davis

1. See King's response.

2. Davis refers to his sons.


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