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From Jeanne Martin Brayboy

Brayboy, Jeanne Martin
April 26, 1956
Charlotte, N.C.
Montgomery Bus Boycott


A friend and fellow graduate student at Boston University congratulates King for his achievements in Montgomery.1

Dear Martin

Of course you are surprised to hear from me, but I imagine you are hearing from many old friends now that you are a national figure. I have wanted to write you for a long time to wish you well in the great task you are leading, but only recently found your address in a newspaper.

I am sure there are many like me who are proud to say that we were good friends in school together. It is also true that they, like me, are not surprised at your achievements. Keep at it, Pal, you’ve got what it takes (I almost feel I shouldn’t speak in such undignified terms to you!).

Charlotte seems destined to be my home. You may have heard that I was married in Dec. 1954. This year Jack is working on his doctorate at the U. of Penn. an arrangement we hate, but the year is almost over.2 I’m still working. Jack’s a wonderful guy and I’d love for you two to meet sometime.

My best wishes to you and Corretta. If ever you should come this way, stop to see us. We can always be located through Johnson C. Smith Univ.

My prayers go with you in your work, in all your endeavors.

[signed] Jeanne Martin Brayboy

Do you see Rev. Crockett?3 What fun it’d be to reminisce of old times! Pardon bad pen.

1. Jeanne Martin Brayboy (1930-), born in Camden, South Carolina, received her undergraduate degree from Bennett College in Greensboro (1951) and her M.A. (1953) from Boston University. She was an elementary school music teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina, at the time she wrote this letter.

2. Jack S. Brayboy (1921-1976) taught at Johnson C. Smith University (1946-1976) in Charlotte, where he later became administrative vice president.

3. Brayboy refers to Roosevelt David Crockett (1917-1968), a Dexter deacon and chaplain of Alabama State College who received his Ph.D. from Boston University shortly before King.


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