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From L. Harold DeWolf

DeWolf, L. Harold (Lotan Harold)
December 10, 1956
Boston, Mass.
Martin Luther King, Jr. - Education


DeWolf asks if King is interested in a faculty appointment. On 4 January 1957 King replied: “I have had a great deal of satisfaction in the pastorate, and have almost come to the point of feeling that I can best render my service in this area, however, I can never quite get the idea out of my mind that I should do some teaching. In the light of this, I would certainly appreciate being recommended by you, and I would give such a recommendation the greatest consideration.”

Dear Martin,

Would you be interested in considering a college faculty position? A seminary faculty position?

Requests for nominations come in, now and then, and it would be helpful to know the direction of your thinking.

We are all happy about the new Supreme Court decision and also the more vigorous enforcement of federal law in Tennessee.1 We hope those weary feet in Montgomery can soon have some respite.

May God be with you always.

[signed] Harold.

1. DeWolf refers to the successful desegregation of the Clinton, Tennessee, high school on 10 December 1956 after several months of racial tension.


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