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To Martin Luther King, Sr.

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Author: King, Martin Luther, Jr.

Date: June 23, 1940

Location: Atlanta, Ga.

Genre: Letter

Topic: Martin Luther King, Jr. - Family


King’s letter to his father mentions activities at Ebenezer Baptist Church. In King, Sr.’s absence, other Baptist ministers assisted with pastoral duties. The Reverend John Henry Edwards, a member of Ebenezer since 1914, preached at the morning and evening services. The Reverend C. S. Jackson, pastor of Atlanta’s Israel and Salem Baptist churches, and the Reverend J. D. Sims of Piney Grove Baptist Church conducted Mother Holley’s funeral on Sunday afternoon. The “June drive” mentioned in the letter refers to a church fundraising campaign conducted by Ebenezer members born in the month. “Aunt Florence and uncle Joel” are King, Sr.’s brother, the Reverend Joel King, and his wife, Florence King. “Ida” is King, Jr.’s great-aunt, Ida Worthem, the sister of Jennie Celeste Parks Williams. The Reverend Roland Smith’s request refers to the Baptist Young Peoples Union convention of the General Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia, which will begin on 3 July. “Emnit” is King’s boyhood friend Emmett Proctor, the grandson of C. L. Harper, the first principal of Booker T. Washington High School.

Dear Daddy:

How are you feeling, fine I hope. I am being a good boy while you are away. We had good church services all day today. No one joined the church but Rev. Edward brought too good sermon. Mother Holleys funral was today and Rev Sims and Rev C. S. Jackson preached the funral. We are working hard to makt the June drive tune out like you wont it. Give love to Aunt Florence and uncle Joel. Mama Lillian and aunt Ida are doing fine. Rev. Smith wonts to know how many, dalegates are coming to the convention from Ebernezer. Tell mother dear helo and tell her I made 35¢ off of my paper this week and have some more to colect. Today we raised $11.86 in Sunday today Emnit came back today and his mother to.

Your Son
[signed] Martin Luther King Jr

Source: CKFC, INP, Christine King Farris Collection, In Private Hands.

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