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From Martin Luther King, Sr.

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Author: King, Martin Luther

Date: March 31, 1958

Genre: Letter

Topic: Martin Luther King, Jr. - Family


After visiting Detroit King, Sr. writes to his son, who had spoken in that city earlier in the month at Central Methodist Church.

Dr. M. L. King, Jr. 
309 So. Jackson Street 
Montgomery Alabama

Mu dear M. L.:

I meant to have sent you this check before I left, but I went away and forgot it. I am enclosing a check to the amount of $54.96. The bill at AnthonY’s for A. D. Was $68.08. I sustracted that from $123.04. As soon as you get the other bill foward it to me. I’ll send that check later.

I heard many fine comments about you at Central in Detroit. They say you broke all records, and they are going to ask if you will return next year. I went down on Friday and heard Jesse Jai McNeil, he spoke at a Lenten service.1 He did a good job.

Love to Coretta and the children.

Yours Daddy.

1. Jesse Jai McNeil was pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church in Detroit.

Source: EBCR-INP, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Miscellaneous Records, In Private Hands.

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