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Martin Luther King, Sr., to J. Raymond Henderson

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Author: King, Martin Luther

Date: May 16, 1955

Genre: Letter

Topic: Martin Luther King, Jr. - Family


Dr. J. Raymond Henderson
Second Baptist Church
Griffith Ave at 24th Street
Los Angles 11, California

My dear Brother Henderson:

You have every right to believe me to be an ingrate. I received your church calendar back in January which I thought was very uniquely planned. It was my fullest intention to write you at that particular time, but somehow I mislaid the letter, thus the delay.

I am now in receipt of your letter, both to M. L. Jr and me. Thanks so much for your fine encouraging words concerning my son. He is very fond of you and speaks often of you and your work. He has completed all requirement for his Ph.D which is to be conferred the First Sunday June 5th. The information you received is correct, he can preach rings around me any day. But being a father yourself you know how happ; happy this makes me feel. Frankly Joe, he is somebodys preacher, and yet hs is but a lad. He delivered the Baccalaurate yesterday at Alabama State. They tell me he swept. He is already in great demand. Continue to pray for us for there is always a need. As you know the devil can clip one so easily. I am forwarding the letter on to M. L. that you sent. I am sure you will hear from him in a few days.

I keep hearing that oldest son of yours is a genius in music. Certainly that makes parents proud when their children do well. Many congratulations and good luck.

When ever you are coming this way drop me a line, we shall be happy to have you preach at Ebenezer. Glad to know that the work is moving on in a fine way at Second Baptist. We are just about to get underway with the erection of our Christian Education Bldg. It is a job I dread for I had hope to have gotten through with this ten years ago. As you know we were held up because of land. We were finally able to purchase the Big Bethel AM.E. Church parsonage, immediately next door to our church building.

It is always good to hear from you and to know your whereabouts My entire family joins me in sending warmest regards to you, Mrs. Henderson and the children.

With every great wish,

Most cordially yours,
M. L. King Sr.

Source: EBCR, INP, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Miscellaneous Records, In Private Hands.

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