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Notes on Speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. at Woman's Auxiliary, National Baptist Convention on 9 September 1954

National Baptist Convention of the United States of America. Woman's Auxiliary
September 1, 1954 to September 30, 1954
Martin Luther King, Jr. - Career in Ministry


On 9 September 1954, King delivered the noonday message to the Woman’s Auxiliary, National Baptist Convention. The brief minutes of the convention show that King, introduced as the “son of the organist of the Woman’s Convention,” exhorted his audience to do more than simply pay lip service to the spiritual life. The minutes included only these few lines from the speech.

We must rediscover that all reality has spiritual control. It is possible to affirm there is a God with our lips but deny it with our lives. Most of us unconsciously leave God behind. He admonished us to pick up these values so we can move forward to the New World.


SBHLA, Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives, Nashville, Tenn. (CSKV93-A0)