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To P. O. Watson

King, Martin Luther, Jr.
November 19, 1959
Martin Luther King, Jr. - Career in Ministry


King replies to the call to serve as co-pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church. Ten days later he resigned his position at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church.1

Mr. P.O. Watson, Clerk
The Ebenezer Baptist Church
407-413 Auburn Avenue, N.E.
Atlanta 12, Georgia

Dear Mr. Watson:

I am in receipt of your letter of November 17, informing me that I have been unanimously called to serve as Co-Pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church.

First, let me say how honored I am to be invited to fill such a significant position, and to serve such a great church. To know that the members voted unanimously to extend this call to me is indeed gratifying. It makes me feel both humble and grateful.

Please let me assure you that I will give this invitation my most prayerful and serious consideration. I hope it will be possible for me to give you a definite answer in the next few days. I will be very happy to meet with the official board to discuss this call in detail on Wednesday evening, November 25. If this date is acceptable to you, Mr. Collier, Mr. Reese, and Dr. King, Sr., I would appreciate your letting me know immediately.

With every good wish, I am

Yours in the Cause of Christ,
Martin Luther King, Jr.

cc: Mr. Robert J. Collier
Mr. J. H. Reese
Dr. M. L. King, Sr.


1. See King, Draft, Resignation from Dexter, zg November 1959, pp. 328-329 in this volume.


Martin Luther King, Jr., Papers, 1954-1968, Boston University, Boston, Mass.