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To Roland E. Haynes

King, Martin Luther, Jr.
December 17, 1956
Martin Luther King, Jr. - Family


Mr. Roland Emerson Haynes
Boston University
School of Theology
745 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston 15, Mass.

Dear Roland:

Thanks for your very kind letter of November 27. It is a real pleasure hearing from you. I would have answered your letter before now, but absence from the city and an extremely busy schedule somewhat held me up.

I was more than delighted to have been in Boston and to have had the opportunity of seeing you. Also, it was a real pleasure seeing so many of my old professors. I have heard from Dr. DeWolf at least twice since that time. Things seem to be going very well with him.

I am still keeping in mind that much needed period of rest. Almost every time I plan to take such a rest something comes up to prevent it. Dr. DeWolf and Dean Muelder have made several offers for this rest period.

I hope everything goes well with you and your family. I plan to be in Atlanta toward the end of the Christmas Holidays. I hope it will be possible to see you and Minnie at that time.

Very sincerely yours,
M. L.


MLKP-MBU, Martin Luther King, Jr., Papers, 1954-1968, Boston University, Boston, Mass.