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From Rosemary Murphy

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Author: Murphy, Rosemary (Lahey Clinic) 

Date: June 2, 1953

Location: Boston, Mass. 

Genre: Letter

Topic: Martin Luther King, Jr. - Family


Mr. Martin L. King, Jr.,
397 Massachusetts Avenue 
Boston, Massachusetts

Dear Mr. King:

The following is a summary of your recent examination at the Lahey Clinic. Your weight was 166 1/2 pounds, height 66 1/2 inches, blood-pressure 134/64, and pulse 70 with irregular rhythm. The general examination was satisfactory.

I am enclosing a copy of the laboratory and x-ray studies which you had done, since you may like them for future reference.1 The tests showed no evidence of any anemia nor infection. The x-ray of the heart and lungs was normal.

Very sincerely yours,
Rosemary Murphy, M.D.

1. Murphy encloses the medical report with this letter.

Source: MLKP, MBU, Martin Luther King, Jr., Papers, 1954-1968, Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center, Boston University, Boston, Mass. 

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