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Two Radio Announcements on the Importance of Registering to Vote

King, Martin Luther, Jr.
October 1, 1964 to October 31, 1964
Voter registration


One Minute

I am Martin Luther King, Jr.  I want to remind all who are listening that a democratic society cannot meet its full potential of achievement unless all of its citizens exercise their right to register and to vote.  It is a part of the history of democracies that men have fought and bled and died to win the right to vote.  In many quarters of the globe this fight still goes on.  Those of us who can register and vote freely must by all means do so.  I urge all of you, my fellow Americans, to make America a showplace of true democracy.  Register, so you will be able to vote.  Study the issues.  And then cast your ballot on election day for the candidates and party of your choice.


Thirty Seconds

I am Martin Luther King.  The age-old fight of mankind to govern itself through free elections still goes on in many sections of the world.  Yet many American citizens who need do nothing more than register and walk to the polling place fail to cast their votes.  I ask you to be a good citizen.  Remember you cannot vote unless you register.  So register and then cast your vote for the candidates and party of your choice.




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