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Search the documents published in the print edition of The Papers of Martin Luther King, Jr. New documents are added weekly. 

You can view more documents acquired by the King Papers Project in the Online King Records Access (OKRA) website.

King, Martin Luther, Jr.
December 23, 1959
King, Martin Luther, Jr.
December 29, 1959
King, Martin Luther, Jr. (Ebenezer Baptist Church (Atlanta, Ga.)); King, Martin Luther (Ebenezer Baptist Church (Atlanta, Ga.))
February 01, 1960 to March 31, 1960 How do we determine conjectured information??
King, Martin Luther, Jr.
February 01, 1960
Dexter Avenue Baptist Church (Montgomery, Ala.)
February 03, 1960
Wilkins, Roy (Leadership Conference on Civil Rights)
February 08, 1960