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Search the documents published in the print edition of The Papers of Martin Luther King, Jr. New documents are added weekly. 

You can view more documents acquired by the King Papers Project in the Online King Records Access (OKRA) website.

Patterson, John Malcolm (Alabama. Office of the Governor)
May 09, 1960
Robinson, James R. (Congress of Racial Equality)
May 13, 1960
King, Martin Luther, Jr.
May 18, 1960
Walker, Wyatt Tee (Petersburg Improvement Association); Cotton, Dorothy (Petersburg Improvement Association)
May 28, 1960
King, Clennon (Afro-American Unity Party)
June 02, 1960
King, Martin Luther, Jr.
June 09, 1960
King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Randolph, A. Philip (Asa Philip)
June 09, 1960
Fauntroy, Walter E.
June 10, 1960