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Liberation Curriculum

King escorts children to their newly integrated school, 20 September 1965. King has hands on the shoulders of two black girls as they walk.

King and Andy Young escort children to their newly integrated school in Grenada, Mississippi, 20 September 1965

© Corbis/Bettmann

The King Institute’s Liberation Curriculum provides document-based lesson plans, online educational resources and professional development workshops regarding the modern African American Freedom Struggle and King's vision of a just and peaceful world. Currently directed by Dr. Julie Henderson, this educational initiaitive seeks to transform the way young people learn about history by emphasizing the actions of ordinary people who made extraordinary contributions to liberation movements. 

Lesson Plans

Our lesson plans integrate primary and secondary sources encouraging youth to think deeply about the African American Freedom Struggle and current movements for justice. 

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Classroom Resources

Our classroom resources draw upon the research and writings of the King Paper's Project and King Institute staff and are intended for teachers and students from grades K through college.

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Testimonials for the Teacher's Workshops

Every year, the King Institute offers professional development workshops for educators. The workshops help teachers design lesson plans on the life and legacy of Dr. King and the ongoing struggle for freedom. Educators have responded positively to this opportunity, and more workshops are being planned for the future.

"I have modified one of the activities you shared with us for my IB Environmental Systems course as a final review activity (Action Letter to the appropriate school or governmental official) and they are turning out great! One student is even writing to the mayor of Mexico City to address urban air pollution. Thanks for inspiring me to help create global citizens!"

Jessica Magallanes, Instructor in IB Environmental Systems at Sequoia High School