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Part One: Apartheid and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Classroom Activity:

Pass out a copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). If students are not familiar with the UDHR, provide background information and review the articles. (Information on the UDHR and copies of the document are available through the United Nations.)  Ask student to read and discuss the UDHR. 

Now ask students to analyze Appeal for Action Against Apartheid” flyer distributed by the sponsors King and Chief Albert Lutuli.  Ask students to focus on two specific sections of the document. The first begins with “Apartheid means” and the second begins with “In 1957, an unprecedented Declaration of Conscience…”  Ask students to create a list of the UDHR articles which were violated under South African Apartheid.

Extension Activity:

Ask students to read the following King Encyclopedia entries, which can be found at the King Institute’s website: American Committee on Africa (ACOA), Albert Lutuli, and Martin Luther King, Jr.