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Part Three: 10 December, Human Rights Day


Opening Activity:

Ask students to research local, national, or international events held on Human Rights Day and report back to the class. What types of events are held? Which human rights issues are being addressed? Are the events in the form of protests, celebrations, or commemorations?

Classroom Activity:

In groups of three to four, ask students to identify a human rights issue that they feel requires attention.  Organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch provide a summary of national and international issues. Using the document in the "Appeal for Action Against Apartheid" flyer, ask students to create a flyer for a “Call for Action.”  The flyer must include a description of the issue, relevant articles from the UDHR which are in violation, and at least three actions for individuals to take to help remedy the issue.  Remind students that the flyer must be both informative and visually interesting in order to be effective.

Optional Activity: 

Ask students to create a “Human Rights Day Event” at your school. Choose from one of the issues that were identified by students.  Ask students to create activities at school to inform the public about the issue and that also involve some form of pragmatic action.