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Part Three: What new information have we learned about Martin Luther King, Jr. and Vietnam?


  • In small groups, have students look in their textbooks for an entry on Dr. King and the Vietnam War. If one exists, have them expand it based on what they’ve learned. If one does not exist, have them write an original entry. Have students share answers with the class.
  • Based on the essential question and sub-questions of the unit, ask students to write an essay about King's decision to speak out on the war in Vietnam. Ask students to utilize the documents to support their position. 
  • Essential Question

    Why did King speak out against United States' involvement in Vietnam when he risked doing harm to his status as a civil rights movement leader, as well as harming the movement itself?

    Sub Questions

    • What can we learn about King from his statement on the war that we most likely would not learn from a traditional teaching of King?
    • What might the response to King’s statement teach us about the social and political climate during this period?
    • How are King’s words relevant today?