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Part Two: Nonviolence Advocates Today

Peace and Nonviolence Organizations 


Nonviolence as a tool to actively resist oppression and injustice continues to play an important role for many contemporary organization and activists. In these lesson activities, students will have a chance to look at organizations promoting peace and justice. 

1. Classroom Activity

Take a look at the Peace and Nonviolence organizations affiliated with the Martin Luther King Jr. Research and Educational Institute. Ask students to pick an organization and examine its mission and work. How does it relate to the work King or Gandhi pursued? In what way does nonviolence play a role? 

2. Closing activity

The African American Gandhian were inspired by the work of Gandhi and the principle of nonviolence. They took Gandhi's teachings and transformed the ideas into actions. Many of them went on to found and work for an organization that promoted nonviolence. Discussion question: How do ideas turn into movements? 

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