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Lesson Plan: Love and Faith

Drawing of SNCC Activists singing; two black men next to each other, the one on the left clapping, the one on the right holding his right fist up towards the sky.

SNCC activists singing in protest. 

Drawing by Evan Bissell based on photograph by Danny Lyon.


In partnership with Beacon Press, we've created a series of six lessons as a companion to A Time to Break Silence: The Essential Works of Martin Luther King, Jr., for Students. This lesson, Love and Faith, introduces students to the music and poetry of the modern African American Freedom Struggle and challenges them to create their own creative works. 

Andrea McEvoy Spero
Art, English Language, U.S. History
6-8, 9-12

Essential Question

King often spoke of the inherent role of love and faith within the movement for justice. Why did King believe love was at the center of the struggle for justice?