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Martin Luther King, Jr. - Career in Ministry

From Roland Smith

King was appointed to an advisory council to the National Baptist Convention’s National Baptist Training Union Board, on which Smith served as secretary.1

Rev. M. L. King Jr.
309 South Jackson St.
Montgomery, Alabama

My dear Rev. King:

Your letter of December 7, 1954, accepting the place as a member of the advisory counsil on curriculum and literature of the Baptist Training Union Board, received.

To William H. Hester

During the two weeks King spent in Boston working on his dissertation he preached at Hester’s Twelfth Baptist Church.

Reverend W. H. Hester
38 Howland Street
Roxbury, Massachusetts

Dear Rev. Hester:

This is just a note to again express my appreciation to you for the opportunity to preach at your very fine church on last Sunday. I always feel a rich sense of fellowship whenever I come to your church and you are to be commended for keeping this fellowship alive.

To Ebenezer Baptist Church Members

Members of Ebenezer Baptist Church participated extensively in King’s installation as pastor at Dexter: King, Sr., gave the sermon, Alberta King played the organ, and the Ebenezer choir sang. “As I have said to you before,” King tells the church members, “you can never know what your presence in such large numbers meant to me at the beginning of my pastorate.”

The Ebenezer Baptist Church
The Rev. M. L. King, Sr., Pastor
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Members:

"Montgomery-Antioch Ass'n. Endorses Wilson and Washington"

As reporter for the association, King filed this account of the annual meeting of the Montgomery-Antioch District Association, the local affiliate of the Alabama Baptist Missionary State Convention, which in turn was associated with the National Baptist Convention. The district association elected King as reporter at the session.

From Samuel W. Williams

Williams, pastor of Friendship Baptist Church in Atlanta, was King’s philosophy professor at Morehouse.1 William refers to Christine King, King’s sister.

The Reverend M. L. King, Jr.
309 South Jackson Street
Montgomery, Alabama

Dear M. L.:

I’m very happy that it was possible for you to accept our invitation to deliver the Mens’ Day Sermon on November 28. The entire Church is delighted that you’re coming.

From William H. Hester

The Reverend Martin L. King, Jr.
Dexter Avenue Baptist Church
Dexter Avenue at Decatur Street
Montgomery, Alabama

Dear Rev. King:

This is in reply to your letter dated, October 26. We shall be very happy to have you preach for us the Second Sunday in November.

We are glad to learn your work is going very well, and you have a cooperative congregation.

Trusting you and Mrs. King are enjoying the best of health, I am


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