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Martin Luther King, Jr. - Career in Ministry

From Thomas Kilgore, Jr.

Kilgore and King exchanged letters after King delivered a sermon at Kilgore’s Friendship Baptist Church in New York.1

The Reverend M. L. King
396 Northampton Street, Apt. 5
Boston, Massachusetts

Dear Rev. King:

Please accept this note as an expression of my great appreciation for the very unusual services which you rendered for us on the Second Sunday. You have no idea how much your messages meant to us.

From Clyde L. Reynolds

In one of the few surviving letters from a member of Dexter during King’s early years as pastor, Reynolds thanks King for the eulogy of his mother.

Dear Reverend King,

You could not have delivered a better eulogy for my mother if you had been her pastor for 50 years. Thank you very much for a brilliant and comforting message, and a beautiful Christian funeral service. Both will remain with me vividly as a fitting and sacred memorial.

From Harold Edward Pinkston

Pinkston, a student at Virginia Union University in Richmond, writes to his former Boston roommate and Alpha Phi Alpha brother about their mutual friends in the Boston area. Prior to entering Virginia Union in the fall of 1952, Pinkston was assistant pastor along with King of the Reverend William H. Hester’s Twelfth Baptist Church in Roxbury, Massachusetts.1 In 1937 the Reverend L. A.


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