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Martin Luther King, Jr. - Career in Ministry

From Walter R. McCall

King’s friend from Morehouse and Crozer was also under consideration for the pastorate of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church. McCall had delivered a trial sermon several weeks earlier and reports in this letter that Dexter had invited him to return in February, two weeks after King’s trial sermon of 24 January.

Reverend M. L. King, Jr.
193 Boulevard, N.E.
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mike,

To J. L. Henry

Earlier in November, King spoke at the Reverend J. L. Henry’s Tenth Street Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. Henry was pastor of Tenth Street from 1949 until his death in 1969.

The Reverend J. L. Henry
745 Princeton Place N.W.
Washington, D.C.

Dear Reverend Henry:

My I express to you my highest appreciation for the kind hospitality shown me while visiting your church. The fellowship was rich indeed, and I hope it will continue to grow.

To J. Timothy Boddie

At Boddie’s request, King preached at New Shiloh Baptist Church in Baltimore on 15 November.

The Reverend J. T. Boddie
821 West Lanvale
Baltimore, Md.

Dear Reverend Boddie:

Words cannot express my appreciation to you and your family in particular and your church in general for the kind hospitality shown me in my recent visit to your church. The experience was indeed rich and one that I will remember for years to come.

J. Timothy Boddie to Martin Luther King, Sr.

Boddie informs his old friend King, Sr., that King, Jr., will give a guest sermon at Boddie’s New Shiloh Baptist Church in Baltimore.1 Boddie refers to King, Sr.’s absence at the annual meeting of the National Baptist Convention in Miami, where J. H. Jackson was elected president to succeed the retiring D. V. Jemison.

Dr. M. L. King
194 Boulevard N.E.
Atlanta, Georgia

My dear friend, M. L.


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