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Martin Luther King, Jr. - Education

Crozer Theological Seminary Field Work Questionnaire

On his placement form for Crozer's ministerial field work program, King states that his strongest talents lie in preaching and pastoral work and that he wishes to be assigned as a pastor’s assistant. King was assigned in the fall of 1950 to a bimonthly student pastorate at the First Baptist Church of East Elmhurst in Queens, New York, under the guidance of Rev. William E. Gardner.

Final Examination Answers, Religious Teachings of the Old Testament

In three of the five examination questions for this course, DeWolf asked his students to discuss different conceptions of God in the Old Testament. Affirming that there is rational evidence in the Old Testament to sustain belief in God, King notes that the writer of the book of Job questions that faith. “Why do the righteous suffer?

Thurman, Howard

During his tenure as dean of Marsh Chapel at Boston University, theologian and minister Howard Thurman sent Martin Luther King, Jr., and Coretta Scott King his 1955 volume on spirituals, Deep River. He inscribed the book: “To the Kings—The test of life is often found in the amount of pain we can absorb without spoiling our joy” (Papers 6:299).” Thurman’s commitment to a spiritually and physically integrated society, and to the methods of Gandhian nonviolence, served as major influences in King’s life.


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