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Martin Luther King, Jr. - Travels

Interview on "Front Page Challenge"

On a popular Canadian television quiz show and interview program, King distinguishes between legal desegregation, which he believes may be achieved in "ten or fifteen years," and "genuine, inter-group, interpersonal living," which will take much longer. Appearing as a mystery guest, King was hidden from the panel, who attempted to guess his identity before this interview took place.1 This transcript was taken from Canadian Broadcasting Company film footage of the program.

From Swami Vishwananda

In a 19 May letter, King thanked Vishwananda, secretary of the Delhi branch of the Gandhi Smarak Nidhi, for serving as his guide through India and commented that he had "never been showered with such hospitality " nor "met people more genuine and loving." 1 King concluded: "I am almost driven to say that I have an affection for the Indian people unlike that that I have for any other people in the world." 2

To G. Ramachandran

King thanks the secretary of the Gandhi Smarak Nidhi for his hospitality in India and commends his “concise, and profound interpretations” of Gandhi, which "left an indelible imprint” on his thinking. After Ramachandran extended the initial invitation to King, the Nidhi co-sponsored the visit and assisted with the coordination of Kings itinerary.1

Mr. G. Ramachandran
Gandhi Smarak Nidhi
New Delhi, INDIA


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