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Montgomery Bus Boycott

King returns to Montgomery to address U. J. Fields allegations; Fields dismissed from pulpit

King cancels a scheduled speaking engagement at the Ward AME Church in Los Angeles in order to return to Montgomery to deal with the Fields crisis. The congregation of Bell Street Baptist Church votes unanimously to remove Fields from its pulpit.

District Court rules bus segregation on Alabama buses unconstitutional; ACMHR founded in Birmingham

The three-judge U.S. District Court panel rules two-to-one in the case of Browder v. Gayle that segregation on Alabama’s intrastate buses is unconstitutional and gives lawyers for each side two weeks to submit written suggestions on how the formal antisegregation order should be entered. President Owen of the Alabama Public Service Commission announces that the state will appeal the decision. King says the boycott will continue until the antisegregation ruling is implemented.

NAACP banned in Alabama

Attorney General Patterson obtains a court order banning most NAACP activities in Alabama. The injunction, issued by Judge Jones of the Montgomery Circuit Court, forbids the Alabama NAACP from engaging in fund-raising, collecting dues, and recruiting new members. The NAACP denies Patterson’s charges that it organized the Montgomery bus boycott or employed Lucy to integrate the University of Alabama but says it will abide by the injunction.


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