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Student movements

To L. Harold DeWolf

In a 10 May letter DeWolf, King's dissertation advisor, informed him that the Boston University Civil Rights Scholarship Fund had raised $2,500 for “any Negro or white student, who has been expelled from college for non-violent protest against discrimination.”1 King expresses enthusiasm for the scholarship fund and shares his surprise at the outcome of his perjury trial.

Dr. L. Harold DeWolf
Boston University
Boston, Massachusetts

To C. Kenzie Steele

On 20 February eleven Tallahassee demonstrators were arrested and charged with disturbing the peace for protesting at a local chain store. After Judge John Rudd ordered the protesters to either pay a $300 fine or serve a sixty-day jail sentence, eight of the eleven elected jail.1 Two days after the verdict, King sends encouragement to the eight students via SCLC vice president C. K.


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