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Student movements

To George W. Lee

In an 18 September telephone conversation with George W. Lee, an officer of the Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks, King requested assistance for Atlanta student movement leader Lonnie King, whose participation in the city’s sit-in protest had provoked reprisals from creditors.1 Lee sent King a check on 19 September. King wrote this letter in response to Lee’s request for a written record.

From Ella J. Baker

Shortly before resigning as executive director, Baker recommends that Bob Moses be sent to assist leaders of SCLC's Louisiana affiliate, the United Christian Movement.1 Moses, a high school math teacher, had come to know Baker while volunteering at SCLC's Atlanta headquarters during the summer; he had previously worked with Bayard Rustin in New York on behalf of SCLC.2 Later that summer, Moses traveled to Louisiana, Mississippi

To Corinne B. Johnson

On 19 March, Bayard Rustin telephoned Johnson to explain that King was “extremely tired upon returning from India and planned “to go directly home to Montgomery” rather than stop in Philadelphia as scheduled to meet with AFSC officials.1 The following day Johnson wrote to King requesting that he come to Philadelphia in April to discuss problems related to his visit to India: “We are aware from our correspondence with Jim Bristol that there were some arrangements which were not entirely satisfac


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