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5th Graders Investigate Civil Rights History

Dr. Andrea McEvoy Spero with St. Paul's Episcopal School students

Dr. Andrea McEvoy Spero examines primary source documents from the King Institute with St. Paul's Episcopal School students.

Mar 5 2013

Why is it important to learn from the past? Why and how do people struggle for social justice? What rights and responsibilities do we have in our world today? These questions guided St. Paul's Episcopal School students as they investigated the modern African American freedom struggle. Andrea McEvoy Spero, King Institute Education Director, provided primary sources and Don Jelinek, a civil rights lawyer in Mississippi from 19651968, shared personal experiences and reflections. Guided by their teachers, Ms. Nicole Mills and Mr. Ryan Faulkner, these young historians created beautifully illustrated children's books to share with their peers. 

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King Institute, Liberation Curriculum