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Lesson Plan: Nonviolence in the Indian and African-American Freedom Struggles

Jul 25 2019

The King Institute is honored and excited to host an international conference on October 11-13, 2019, titled "The Uplift for All: Gandhi, King, and the Global Struggle for Freedom and Justice." Under the banner of the Gandhi-King Global Initiative (GKGI), we will welcome scholars, activists, students, and the general public to discuss the legacies of Gandhi and King and the nonviolent struggle for human rights.

In preparation for the conference, we are putting together and providing educational materials from our repository of resources related to the conference. 

This week, check out our Lesson Plan from the Liberation Curriculum that focuses on Nonviolence in the Indian and African-American Freedom Struggles. This lesson unit is divided into three parts. Part One examines Gandhian Nonviolence in the Indian Freedom Struggle. Part Two concentrates on Gandhian Nonviolence in the African-American Freedom Struggle. Part Three encourages students to continue the legacy of nonviolence. The essential goal of this lesson plan is to engage students in discussions about Gandhi, King, the philosophy of nonviolence, and its role in the struggle for freedom and justice.



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