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Photo Exhibit: King's Pilgrimage to India. Feb 10, 1959 - Mar 18, 1959

The Kings lay a wreath on Gandhi's Samadhi, the site of his cremation, at Rajghat in New Delhi

American Friends Service Committee Archives

Aug 19 2019
In preparation for the upcoming conference, The Uplift of All: Gandhi, King, and the Global Struggle for Freedom and Justice, this week, we are featuring the Google Arts & Culture Foto Exhibit. In February of 1959, Martin Luther King, Jr., embarked on his journey to India, a trip that proved to become a crucial turning point for the charismatic leader during the uproar of the civil rights movement. At each leg of his journey, King met with high-ranking members of government and leaders of social movements, including Prime Minister Nehru and independence movement leader Vinoba Bhave. They engaged in heated discussions on political, economic, and social policies, during which King noted similarities between the treatment of blacks in the U.S. and “untouchables” in India. His charisma and speech empowered youth around the nation, especially in Ghandigram and Bombay. From the pilgrimage, King found a deeper connection to Gandhian philosophies and affirmed his belief in nonviolent resistance. 


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