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Photograph of King standing next to the Berlin Wall
Oct 6 2014 | Posted In: Clayborne Carson, King Institute
King Institute Director Clayborne Carson traveled to Berlin to commemorate the 50th anniversary of King's September 1964 visit to both sides of the Berlin Wall that divided the city. Organized by Berliner Festspiele, "Ein Tag für … Martin Luther King, Jr." took place on Sunday, 5 October 2014. More...
Photo of Dr. Carson sitting with Zambian freedom fighters
Aug 18 2014 | Posted In: Clayborne Carson, King Institute
King Institute director Clayborne Carson traveled to Zambia this month as part of a ten-day tour sponsored by the U. S. State Department to commeorate the 50th anniversary of both Zambia's independence and the passage of landmark American civil rights legislation. On the second day of the tour,...
Photograph of Dr. Vincent Harding
May 20 2014 | Posted In: Clayborne Carson, King Institute
I was greatly saddened to hear today that “the Great Soul, Dr. Vincent Harding, left this world.” He was indeed an invaluable contributor to the African American freedom struggle and was one of the few remaining living links to the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Cover of "This Bright Light of Ours"
Jan 22 2014 | Posted In: King Institute
Maria Gitin, civil rights veteran, activist, and author, will be coming to Stanford on January 28th, 2015 to discuss her new book, This Bright Light of Ours: Stories from the Voting RIghts Fight. 
Dec 9 2013 | Posted In: King Institute
As we prepare to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Martin Luther King, Jr., we also mourn the passing of Nelson Mandela, who has, along with Gandhi and King, symbolized the twentieth century freedom struggles that affected the lives of the majority of humanity.