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Clarence Jones, Clayborne Carson, Barbara Lee, and others at a lecture where Jones and Carson spoke.
Nov 10 2015 | Posted In: Clayborne Carson, King Institute
On Saturday, November 7, 2015, Dr. Clayborne Carson joined Dr. Clarence Jones for a lecture on the future of nonviolence protest. The presentation was apart of the Barbara Lee & Elihu Harris Lecture Series, a program that promotes an exchange of ideas within communities of color by presenting...
Nov 10 2015 | Posted In: Clayborne Carson, King Institute
On August 14th, 2015, the 9th anniversary since Rabbi Michael Robinson's passing, Dr. Clayborne Carson delivered a speech regarding the activist efforts of the late Rabbi and the American Jewish community's role in the Civil Rights Movement.
Nov 9 2015 | Posted In: Clayborne Carson, King Institute
On Wednesday, October 21, 2015, Dr. Clayborne Carson participated in the American Library's "Evening with an Author" event during his two week long lecture tour in Paris, France. At the event, Dr. Carson lectured on "Civil Rights Victories and Human Rights Setbacks," and spoke about his journey in...
Carson, ACP Pastor Scott Herr, Reverend Dr. Luke Powery of Duke University, and other American Church in Paris Associates
Nov 3 2015 | Posted In: Clayborne Carson, King Institute
On Thursday, October 22, 2015, King Institute Director Clayborne Carson spoke at the American Church in Paris to commmorate the fifty anniversary of King's sermon at the church. Dr. Carson's address was the last of eleven lectures he delivered on King's life and legacy at various institutions in...
Jun 16 2015
Clayborne Carson has devoted his professional life to the study of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the movements King inspired. Since receiving his doctorate from UCLA in 1975, Dr. Carson has taught at Stanford University, where he is now Martin Luther King, Jr., Centennial Professor of history and...