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Clarence B. Jones Library photo
Jun 8 2017 | Posted In: King Institute
King Institute scholar-in-residence Clarence B. Jones was honored on Tuesday, June 6, by his alma mater, Palmyra High School in New Jersey, for his life’s work as a civil rights activist and counsel to Martin Luther King, Jr. After delivering a speech Tuesday morning, Jones took part in a ceremony...
May 10 2017 | Posted In: Clayborne Carson
Stanford professor and historian Clayborne Carson recounted Martin Luther King Jr.’s life experiences to encourage BYU students to stand for human rights.  Carson’s BYU forum, given on Feb. 28, was titled “Where Do We Go from Here? Chaos or Community.” This is also the title to a book King wrote...
50 Years Ago: Martin Luther King, Jr., Speaks at Stanford University
Apr 14 2017 | Posted In: King Institute
On 14 April 1967, Martin Luther King, Jr., visited Stanford University and gave a talk entitled "The Other America" at Memorial Auditorium.
Jan 30 2017
On January 17 2017, the city of East Palo Alto awarded Dr. Clayborne Carson, King Institute Director and Stanford’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Centennial Professor of History, with a Proclamation in recognition for his contributions to the nation. Dr. Carson has dedicated his life to studying the life...
Jan 22 2017 | Posted In: Clayborne Carson, King Institute
A professor of history at Stanford University, Carson served as keynote speaker for the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Birthday Dinner, sponsored by the Charles E. Brown African American Cultural Center at Indiana State University. The dinner was attended by about 330 persons Friday...