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King speaks to a capacity audience in Eutaw, Alabama in 1966. | Bob Fitch Photo Archive © Stanford University

The King Institute resources include documents and resources to support you in deepening your understanding about Dr. King and the African American freedom struggle. If you are conducting research for a class project or National History Day, we recommend starting with the King Encyclopedia, Featured Documents and National History Day guide.

Freedom’s Ring is Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, animated. Here you can compare the written and spoken speech, explore multimedia images, listen to movement activists, and uncover historical context.

Explore primary source documents from the King Papers Project collection. The documents include letters, speeches, sermons and photographs about Dr. King and the African American freedom struggle.

Visit the King Online Encyclopedia for information on over 300 civil rights movement figures, events and organizations; a chronology of the movement, and full-text documents published online.