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Martin Luther King, Jr., Research and Education Institute 
Founding Endowment Donors 

Ronnie Lott / All Stars Helping Kids

The Mumford Family—Agape Foundation

Sustaining Contributors 

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

National Endowment for the Humanities




National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC)




Myra Reinhard Family Foundation / All Stars Helping Kids

Stanford University

Major Contributors

James Baer

Susan and Clayborne Carson

Betty A. Williams Curtis and G. Russell Curtis, Sr.

Do A Little Fund

Nancy E. Fleischer

Fletcher Asset Management, Inc.


The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Herbert Kurz

Leonard Merrill Kurz

Lilly Endowment Inc.

Jay and Kimberly Mitchell

The Peninsula Community Foundation

George P. Shultz

Andrea McEvoy Spero and Jason D. Spero

Woodside Summit Group, Inc.


John and Carolyn Barnes

Faye Boatright

Bob Ceremsak (Goldman, Sachs & Co.)

Wayne Duckworth

Mary McKinney Edmonds

Anna Eshoo for Congress

Bonnie Fisher and Boris Dramov

Flamengo & Teng Associates II

Kenneth Fong

Freidenrich Family Foundation

Gwen Gasque

James and Jewelle Taylor Gibbs

John and Marcia Goldman Philanthropic Fund

Ken Hayes

Glenn Holsclaw and Donna Hubbard

Joel Hyatt

Heather Jackson

Sur-Mamn Jackson

Rich and Gina Kelley

Chris Kenrick

Lawrence Klein

Earl W. Lawson and Rachel Idowu

John and Rosemary McGuire

John and Michele McNellis

Milpitas & Dixon, LLC

Tamara Morales and Albert Frazier

Cordell and Carolyn Olive

Henry Organ

David and Katy Orr

Peter and Susanna Pau

Peery Foundation

Judith and George Prather

Premier Property Management, Inc.

Joan S. Reid

William Reller

Jim C. Robinson

Steven Sommer

Robert and Sallie Reid Tasto

Zachary Trailer

Isaiah Washington

Steven Westly

L. Tyrone and Kim Willingham

Michelle Yee

Michelle Yee (in memory of Don Main Yee)


Benjamin Ahmad

Brett Alter

Althea F. Andersen

Dudley and Elaine Andersen

Bettina Aptheker

Barbara Armentrout

Darrell and Melanie Armstrong

Jose Artiga and Eileen Purcell

Hana and Van Atta

Alice and Derek Attwaters

Avago Technologies

David and Glenda Baer

Alice Bakker

Jesika Ballard

Steve Bengston and Renate Steiner

Paul Bodine and Tamami Shirai

Harold and Sara Boyd

Vicki Brooks

William Brown

Robert Brownstein

William and Barbara Busse

Evan J. Charkes and Juli A. Steadman

Andrew Chase

Glenda and Richard Chenier

Marsha and Robert Clark

Timothy and Emily Clark

Lois Corrin

Howard and Kerry Dallmar

Thomas and Jane David

John A. Dittmer

Stanley Doty and Claudia Hevel

Margaret Durbin and Clinton Lewis

East Palo Alto Community Church

Milton and Teresa Edwards

Lawrence S. Elswit and Bernice Speiser

Steve and Pat Emslie

Susan Englander

Candace Falk and Lowell Finley

Jeri Fink

George L. Fisher

Nancy Fleischer

George M. and Helene Fredrickson

Estelle Freedman

Natasha French

Jesika and Saumil Gandhi

Jon and Dale Gluckman

Katie Godfrey

Leonard and Scarlet Gordon

William B. Gould IV

William Gray and Kathy Hibbs

Jonathan Greenberg

Arjun Gupta

Hamilton Management, Inc.

Allan Hammond IV and Linda Darling-Hammond

John and Marthelia Hargrove

R. Steven and Jeanne Hargrove

Denise Harris

Gracie Harris

Jerry Harris

Jerry M. Harris

Cynthia and Alex Harui

Walter and Katharine Hays

Charles P. Henry

Richard Hill and Nancy Lundeen

James and Mary Hinckley

Daniel Hoffman

Pete Holloran

Michael Honey

Roslind C. Hooper

Donna Hubbard

Elizabeth Jackson

Gerald W. Jackson and Myra Woods Jackson

Jesse Johnson

Jessica Jordan

Benjamin and Audrey Kamin

Drue Kataoka

Tetsuya and Barbara Kataoka

Charles Keenan, III

Keenan Land Company

Evelyn Kelsey

Amanda Kemp

Ravi Kollipara

Patricia Krueger

Kimberly Lake

Deanna F. Lamb

Steven F. Lawson

Barbara Lee for Congress

Debra Lepold

Ronald and Shoshana Levy

Stacey Leyton and Pierre Barolette

Meg Lilienthal

Delroy Lindo

Kail Lubarsky

Karen McAlmon

Patrick and Nancy McGaraghan

Steven McNichols

Nancy Kay Madigan

Tag and Joan Mansour

Patricia Margulies

Gaurav Mathur

Jacquelynn Maxon and Richard Kirchner

Daniel Minkoff

Frederick Mitchell

Meri H. Mitsuyoshi

Pastor Carolyn Morton

The Honorable John F. Moulds

Reed and Aleea Moulds

Laura Murra

Borce and Malissa Nastovski

James Newman

Lela Garner Noble

Bharathi Nuthi

Robert V. Oakford

Obama Democratic Club of Silicon Valley

M. Brigid O’Farrell and T. J. Glauthier

Keisho and Lauren Okayama

Mary Kay Park

Barbara Peters

Steven Phillips

Stephen Player

Progressive Jewish Alliance

Rhonda Racine

Kevin and Kathryne Gambell Reeves

Jon C. and Carol S. Richards

Susan Richardson

St. Mark's Episcopal Church

Joel and Rachel Samoff

Lucille H. Sansing

Linda Schacht

Silicon Valley Community Foundation

2012 Supervisor Simitian Office Holder Committee

Kevin and Carrie Skelly

Niel and Nancy Sanchez Smit

Boyd Smith

Lund Smith

Alyssa Solomon

Douglas and Barbara Spreng

Sterling Stuckey

Debra Summers

Bruce and Barbara Swenson

Cathy Taylor

Cheryl Taylor

Waights Taylor

Kathleen and Michael Torgersen

Camille Townsend

George Tribble

Ronald and Sheila Troupe

Charles and Margaret Tuggle

David Tyack and Elisabeth Hansot

Wesley Umeda

Richard Upton

Mark and Jocelyn Urdahl

Sharon Read Veach

Merti Walker

Stewart Walker

Victoria Walker

Leonard Ware

Gail Wentler

Kären Wigen

Robert and Vicki Wilkins

Alfred Williams Consultancy, LLC

Christopher L. Williams

Constance and Preston Williams

Warren Wilson

Rosalind Wolf

Joyce Yamagiwa

Peter Zeughauser