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Crozer Theological Seminary Field Work Questionnaire

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Author: King, Martin Luther, Jr. (Crozer Theological Seminary)

Date: September 13, 1950

Location: Chester, Pa. ?

Genre: Report

Topic: Martin Luther King, Jr. - Education


On his placement form for Crozer’s ministerial field work program, King states that his strongest talents lie in preaching and pastoral work and that he wishes to be assigned as a pastor’s assistant. King was assigned in the fall of 1950 to a bimonthly student pastorate at the First Baptist Church of East Elmhurst in Queens, New York, under the guidance of Rev. William E. Gardner.

Name (Last First Middle)   King Martin Luther
Address (Home)   (Street City State)   193 Boulevard N.E. Atlanta, Ga
      (Crozer)   Dom Dormitory Box 27
Birthplace   Atlanta Ga   Date of Birth   Jan. 15 1929

Institution                              Dates                Degree
Morehouse College       1944–1948      A.B.
Ordained?   yes


Church or(If a church)
Organization                           Title                           Dates                           Membership                           Budget                           Salary
Ebenezer Baptist Church—Assistant Pastor—For the last three summers—
4000—$40,000—$200.00 a month

Check what you consider your own strongest points in your ministry:
Preaching and worship   X   pastoral work   X   religious education   organization   age group with which you work best (children, teenage, etc.)   any special abilities, (music, athletics, etc.)

Membership in religious, civic, service organizations, committee service including denominational work:   Y.M.C.A.—N.A.A.C.P.—Ministers conference—

Honors: (Citations, military honors, including dates)

Do you wish to have your name listed for possible field work?   yes
If so, indicate preference: Pastor      Pastor's asst.      X      Director of education      Youth activities, Christian Center, etc.      Other

Names, addresses, and positions of persons who may be consulted regarding your work:
Rev. M. L. King Sr. 193 Boulevard N.E. Atlanta Ga.
Pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta 

Rev. J. P. Barbour Calvery Baptist Church Chester, Pa.
Pastor of Calvery Baptist Church in Chester

Married to   Not married   Date
   Any special abilities:
   Children: (Give names and birth dates)

Please attach a photograph of yourself, if possible.

Budget for the academic year (9 months): (Please estimate)
   Resources:   Supported by1 parents and also remuneration from preaching.
Expenses:   $1,000   Tuition $150.00
                                    Board 288.00
                                    Rent 51.00
                                    Traveling exp to N. York 200.00
                                    Laundry 75.00
                                    Books 75.00
                                    Extra Spending 150.00

Total   $1,000
My present indebtedness is   $196.00

Additional remarks:

Assigned to:
Name of churchSupervisor
or organization                                 Date                                 Remuneration                                                               Name                Address2

1. Someone wrote: “(Bd. & R., Tuition).”

2. Someone wrote and typed the name of a church: “First Bapt. Ch. Corona, L.I., New York 9/50–12/1/50 Rev. M. Gardner.”

Source: CRO, NRCR, Crozer Theological Seminary Records, Colgate-Rochester Divinity School, Rochester, N.Y.

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