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To D. E. King

King, Martin Luther, Jr.
March 1, 1953 to March 31, 1953
Martin Luther King, Jr. - Career in Ministry


The Reverend D. E. King
2818 West Chestnut Street
Louisville, Kentucky

Dear Rev. King:

This is to acknowledge your letter of February 17. I was very pleased to hear from you.

I was very pleased to receive your letter of February 17. I shall be very happy to accept speak for you whenever I’m passing traveling that way. At present I can’t say when I shall be coming that way. It is still to early in the 2nd semester for me to have worked out my schedule so as to as to commit myself de definitely commit myself. However, as soon as I have done so, and know definitely when I shall be passing through your territory section of the country, I shall contact you immediately.

with every wish for your success.

sincerely yours,

however, my schedule is of such an uncertain nature that it would be impossible for me to make a definite committment. I had {originally} planned planned to go to Atlanta during the Spring holidays, but a very busy schedule seems to prevent it. This probably means that it will be sometime in mid summer before I will get down that way. As soon as I’m my plans are definite, I will let you.

Certainly I appreciate this invitation to the highest and look forward with great anticipation to serving you and your great church

Sorry I have heard of the great revival you conducted at our church last year. It seems to be a generally accepted fact that you must be classed with the “great preachers” of our day.

You have my continual prayers in all of your endeavors.

Sincerely yours,


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