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"Radio Sermons"

King, Martin Luther, Jr.
July 26, 1953 to September 6, 1953
Martin Luther King, Jr. - Career in Ministry


King may have prepared this handwritten list of sermon titles as he planned for upcoming radio broadcasts on Atlanta station WERD.1

✔ Accepting Responsibility for Your Action2 July 26
God's Kingdom First3 August 2
The Prevalence of Practical Atheism— Aug 23
What Is Man4 Sept 6
A Half Baked Civilization— Aug 9
The Challenge of the Book of Jonah5 Aug 16
The Peril of Conformity6 August 30

{of may or the eternal God of the universe}7

1. King took Keighton's course The Minister's Use of Radio during his final year at Crozer.

2. King, “Accepting Responsibility for Your Actions,” 26 July 1953, pp. 139-142 in this volume.

3. King retitled this sermon “First Things First” (2 August 1953, pp. 143-146 in this volume).

4. For versions of this sermon, see King, “What Is Man?” 11 July 1954 and “The Christian Doctrine of Man,” Sermon Delivered at the Detroit Council of Churches' Noon Lenten Services, 12 March 1958, pp. 174-179 and 328-338 in this volume, respectively.

5. For an outline of this sermon, see King, “The Challenge of the Book of Jonah,” 1951-1955, in Papers 2:325-326.

6. King was influenced by Eugene Austin's homily “The Peril of Conformity” and later developed a sermon titled “Transformed Nonconformist” (see note 18 to King, Draft of Chapter II, “Transformed Nonconformist,” Strength to Love, July 1962-March 1963, p. 470 in this volume).

7. King wrote this phrase on the verso of the document.


CSKC-INP, Coretta Scott King Collection, In Private Hands, Sermon file, folder 11, “Our God Is Able.”