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From Robert E. Hughes

Hughes, Robert E. (Alabama Council on Human Relations)
December 10, 1956
Birmingham, Ala.
Montgomery Bus Boycott


As executive director of the Alabama Council on Human Relations, Hughes became acquainted with King, who agreed during 1955 to become first vice president of the council's Montgomery affiliate. Hughes occasionally preached at Dexter when King was obliged to be absent during the bus boycott, and he participated with King in a small biracial group of Montgomery ministers who met on Monday mornings to discuss religion and race. Hughes helped arrange the 8 December 1955 meeting between MIA leaders and the city commission. In mid-1956 Hughes moved the council’s operations to Birmingham. In this letter he passes on news from Birmingham attorneys about the Supreme Court decision.

Dr. M. L. King
Pres., Montgomery Improvement Assn.
S. Union St., Montgomery, Ala.

Dear Martin:

I have just talked to Attorney Orzelle Billingsley who has been in Washington, D.C. this past week. While there he talked to the clerk of the Supreme Court who stated that the Court would not announce its decision on a rehearing of the Montgomery case until next Mon. Dec. 17th. Naturally any mandate would not be sent down until after that date according to Billingsley. I mention this only in the event that someone in Mr.Shore’s firm has not communicated this to you.

The Institute was very fine and certainly filled a gap among both groups in Montgomery as well as popularizing the idea over the South. All of you are to be heartily commended for this outstanding service.

Best wishes in these “last days” and call upon me if there is anything I can do.

[signed] Bob
Rev. Robert E. Hughes
Exec. Director


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