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To Roy Wilkins

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Author: King, Martin Luther, Jr. (Montgomery Improvement Association)

Date: August 23, 1957

Location: Montgomery, Ala.

Genre: Letter

Topic: Martin Luther King, Jr. - Career in Ministry


On 9 August Wilkins notified King of debts from the Prayer Pilgrimage.

Mr. Roy Wilkins, Executive Secretary
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
20 West 40th Street
New York 18, New York

Dear Roy:

I am in receipt of your letter of August 9, stating that there are bills in the amount of two thousand dollars ($2,000.00), outstanding from the Prayer Pilgrimage. I am glad that you called this to my attention. I was not aware of this deficit.

The idea which you suggested, namely, having the three principle sponsoring groups to contribute seven hundred dollars ($700.00) each, is a very good one. I will take the matter up with my board in the next few days, and I am sure that it will be agreed upon.

I am sure that I voice the sentiment of many in saying how grateful we are to the NAACP for taking the major portion of the financial responsibility in this noble venture. I am sorry to know that you had to take care of the printing bill without being reimbursed for it. As soon as I talk with the board I will let you hear from me on the whole matter.

Very sincerely yours,
[signed] Martin
M. L. King, Jr.


Source: NAACPP-DLC, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Papers, 1909-1955, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

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