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From Ruth H. and Ralph J. Bunche

Bunche, Ralph J. (United Nations); Bunche, Ruth H.
September 20, 1958
Kew Gardens, N.Y.
Martin Luther King, Jr. - Threats/attacks against


dr martin luther king = harlem hospital patient =

we are confident that your great spiritual as well as physical strength, and your courage, will lead you to a speedy recovery stop please accept our deep sympathy and warmest good wishes stop =

ruth and ralph bunche1

1. Ralph J. Bunche, the first African American Nobel Peace Prize winner, and his wife, Ruth, had been King's supporters since the Montgomery bus boycott. Ralph Bunche contributed to a fund used to defray King's expenses following his stabbing (see note 1, King to A. Philip Randolph, 8 November 1958, in Papers 4:527). Ruth Bunche served as a co-chair for the Youth March for Integrated Schools on 25 October 1958, held during King's convalescence (see note 1 to King, Address at Youth March for Integrated Schools in Washington, D.C., Delivered by Coretta Scott King, in Papers 4:514).


CSKC, INP, Coretta Scott King Collection, in Private Hands