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From Sadie Bradford

Bradford, Sadie (Sadie Beauty Shop)
Gastonia, N.C.
Montgomery Bus Boycott


The proprietor of the Sadie Beauty Shop sends her support to King.1 On 19 June, he thanked her for the donation.

Dear Rev Kings.

We are so proud of our people’s, and your pride. Please keep up the good work’s. I am taking up a Donation in my Beauty Shop. for you all. We have taken up a Donation in our chuch for you all. Now we are taken up one in my shop. You also have our praye, How can these Devils keep us Down, unless they stay with us,? Please keep us the good work’s, I am co-worker. for the NAACP I am working just as hard as you are.

May God Bless you and your menember’s also your church and everything that you undertake

I am

[signed] Miss Sadie Bradford.

1. Sadie Bradford (1918-) was born in Bowling Green, South Carolina, and graduated from Apex Beauty College in 1942. She opened her beauty shop in 1945. She was also a member of the NAACP and Weeping Mary Baptist Church in Gastonia.


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